As promised, we are going to continue Afterwind development - and here are a few ideas will very likely get implemented in the near future:

This feature will allow creating custom scenarios by selecting countries, settings, victory condition, placing troops and creating pre-built empires for players to control. This will allow players to have their own creative input into the game and will present opportunities for entirely new gameplay.

Collectable cards
Cards will be awarded during the game - subsequently, you can redeem them to receive various bonuses (rare units, increase in production or income, etc). Unused cards will remain for the next game - however, there will be a limit on how many cards you can use per game. The second function of cards will be collecting cities/countries on your own personal world map. Each card will feature a random city, which you can then place on your map.

Population casualties
It should be obvious that warfare on such a massive scale will inevitably affect the civilian population. We want big battles in cities to decrease their population - depending on the types of units attacking. Population numbers will, in turn, affect unit production. It will also be possible to move civilians between cities, possibly creating an interesting new victory condition.

Cargo ships
It takes a lot of resources to support a huge army. The new Cargo ship unit will be a way to earn some much neeeded extra funds. Build a few in your city and send them half way across the globe to another city - the revenue will depend on the size and the distance between the two cities.

'Casual' 12/24-hour turn games
A lot of people have no way to dedicate 2-3 hours of time often required to finish a game. And then there are those who prefer to carefully plan and execute their strategy, which is not possible with a 2-min turn game (especially with a large empire). For these people we're planning to make 12/24-hour turn games, allowing them to login once a day for 10 minutes and make turns without hurry.

So, these are our plans for future development. What should be our priority? Let us know in the new poll.


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28.10.2011 - 09:13
It would be cool if you could move the population somewhere and have them found a new city. Sadly, I know how easily that could be abused.
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