Greetings atWar,
I contacted Ivan today about the possibility of making an official Discord chat for atWar. There were many reasons for this, as I will sum them up for you here:

●There's roles on Discord. On the atWar discord we have the roles: Admin, Moderator, Supporter and Premium. You get your desired role based on your rank in-game
●Instead of holding meetings now on Skype (where not everyone has an account there) we can now hold meetings on Discord, which will be more easy and accessible for everyone
●You can use voice chat on Discord and discuss off topic subjects

I'm aware there are already made atWar Discords, which is fine, it's just to announce that this will be the official Discord server for atWar.

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- - EDITION 13: NOVEMBER 26, 2017 - -

Table of Contents:
Section 1: New Updates
Section 2: Sun Tzu Demoted
Section 3: New Moderators
Section 4: Season Ending
"Read what your heart desires" - Someone

New Updates
Amok and Ivan have fulfilled their promise of being active administrators after a week of chaotic DDoS attacks a month ago. Amok has rolled in a lot of new updates to the game, such as fixing the Silverlight Map Editor, a brand new test server for testing purposes, anyone can test on this server. Three new languages have also been added to atWar: Swedish (Sweden, yes!), Slovak and Farsi. You can also now earn money by inviting people to atWar - you've read that correctly. Ivan has introduced a wonderful referral program, you can earn 25% commission from whatever they spend on the game, or 30% after you get over $100. For more information on these updates, make sure to check the 'News' tab.

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Good news, everybody! Our previously closed referral program is now available to all. Use your personal referral link to invite people and earn a 25% commission from whatever they spend in the game, or 30% after you get over $100. As an example, VladRacovita, who runs a popular YouTube channel has already earned hundreds of dollars in commission.

You can withdraw your earnings as ProtoCoins at any time. Or, if you have a PayPal account, you can also request withdrawal in USD (minimum $50).

This will be replacing the previous SP rewards, which we felt were devaluing SP earned during actual gameplay and messing up ranks. The link is the same, so if you're already using it, no need to change anything. The tracking began a couple of weeks ago, so you might already have some earning on your account.

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Silverlight editor is working. If it doesn't work for you, then consider the following options:

  • If you are using an old installed version, then you need to uninstall it, download the new version from here, and reinstall. It should then work.
  • Alternatively, you could simply access it from Internet Explorer browser by clicking on the 'Old version' link on the homepage.

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Update: now on the new domain!

Hi everybody! In light of opening the client code for contributors, we've decided to also set up a proper test environment. If you want to be the first to see new features and to help us make sure they actually work, welcome to!

Test site uses a test service and test database, so everything is completely separated from the live site. You will have to create a new account, as your old account password wouldn't work (privacy concerns!). We'd also advice not to use the same password you're using on the live site.

There are currently two very small updates there, courtesy of Safari and Clovis:
- Saving your preferred color. When entering a game and selecting color, it should be automatically preset the next time you enter the game (if not already taken). The preset gets erased when you close your browser.
- Bug fixed: after merging air units with land units correct range should now be displayed.

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We are now introducing zero tolerance approach towards all types of exploits and hacks (and yes, this includes the black colour, so please don't moan about it in comments, it may be added later to the palette). Anyone caught using inspect element, javascript, link hacking, XSS, you name it - will initially be banned for one week. If you get caught for the second time - you WILL be banned for life. No excuses, no exceptions. Thank you very much, please play fair!

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- - EDITION 12: OCTOBER 16, 2017 - -

Table of Contents:
Section 1: New Moderator
Section 2: atWar Strike
"Read what your heart desires" - Someone

New Moderator
A lot has been happening lately on atWar. We have a new moderator, Sid. Congratulations Sid, you're a great member of the community and make a great addition to the moderator team.

atWar Strike
As you've all known by now, someone has been DDoSing the game non stop for almost two weeks now. Due to these attacks many players have not been able to play atWar, which resulted in a strike being made by popular user Mauzer Panteri. Mauzer made a post calling for a strike against atWar as he was fed up and frustrated with the constant DDoS attacks and lack of action from the administrators. His post, which currently has 74 upvotes and over 300 posts, was met with a lot of praise from atWar users who were also upset with the way atWar was being dealt with. The post may be viewed as a positive thing, as Amok appeared and commented on the post.

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Hi Everyone!

We are currently looking for people to help us with game development!
Successful candidates will get access to the game source code and will be in charge of things like fixing existing bugs and adding new features and improvements to atWar.
The main technologies we use for the game are JavaScript, C#, PHP and MySQL.

We are looking for developers who know both JavaScript and C# on at least an intermediate to high level. Which means no script kiddies, thanks, but someone who actually worked on a project of a significant scale. Please don't bother PMing if you have just started learning these languages and haven't completed any real world projects.

If you believe that you have enough expertise in this area, please PM me your CV (don't worry, it will be kept private), ideally with your most recent portfolio.
Along with this, we kindly ask you to complete a simply test task, which involves the following:

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Today I had the privilege to talk to Ivan, atWar administrator, about atWar. I asked him what he thought about the fact using inspect element to use the black color is worth a ban, and in his own words he responded with, ''I personally don't think it's ban worthy''. At the moment a moderator has the right to ban any users who does this, and many think this is a ridiculous rule. With permission from Ivan, I am creating a poll to see whether or not the community believes this should be ban worthy. Rules will be changed depending on the outcome of this poll.

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- - EDITION 10: AUGUST 28, 2017 - -

Table of Contents:
Section 1: atWar News
Section 2: GhostFace Interview
Section 3: Tournament Update
"Read what your heart desires" - Someone

atWar News
This week has hosted an intense round of Coalition Wars between multiple clans, all of whom are battling out it out for first place. With Enigma, Mortal Kombat, Mystics and Epic clan occupying the top 4 spots currently, it could go either way. The season will end on Midnight Thursday, leaving only 3 days left to clinch 1st. You can view the leaderboards here and keep track for yourself. Who do you think will win?

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equipa atWar

Amok - programando
Ivan - desenho, site
Clovis - programando
Dave - Dave'loper of the game
Brianwl - community relations and waffel advocate

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