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20.11.2018 - 19:42
This preset of the world map balances the 1v1 fight between Europe and Asia.

Changes in Europe:
Deactivated hard to reach cities of Spain and Portugal. To balance the income reduction Belgium's income was increased by 25% (Europe still has roughly the same income through this change).
Deactivated Iceland and increased Switzerlands's income by 25% to rebalance Europe's income.

Near east in addition to Europe+ is counted as belonging to Europe while the rest belongs to Asia.
Overall it's now 11750 income vs 11620 (Asia)
I counted Kazakhstan as to belonging to Asia's side however this country has some cities which will most likely stay in Europe's control.

Here is a map showing which countries I have counted to which side.

Balance changes are documented below the original post.

Recommended setting:
Starting funds: 5k

Preset can be found under:
Maps -> Preset -> Search Bar -> "Competitive Europe vs. Asia" or "Chess"

I have a calc table (Made: 22.11.2018) of the income distribution if the map needs to be rebalanced.
Old values are Laochra's Eurasia.

Preset, because cloning doesn't work properly without the cloned map breaking.
21.11.2018 - 01:35
Glad you finally agreed that asia was op on laos map.

''Everywhere where i am absent, they commit nothing but follies''

21.11.2018 - 07:29
I have never disagreed with that assessment.
21.11.2018 - 08:07
Made some income changes in Asia to remove Infantry from China Southwest and Northwest. In total the income is still 900 lower than from Lao's Asia.
Now Asia has roughly the same income as Europe after doing a proper expansion up to t10.
Both have roughly 8k income t10 if you also focus on advancing in mideast/india instead of just going for income.
Asia a bit more than Europe.
Prior to the changes Asia's income was at 9k - T10.

Statistic of first game that got into mid-/lategame
GW Serbia vs GW Burma
Teal is Asia and had everything up to Afghanistan.

EDIT: Mandalay (Burma) disabled and Russia Far East Income increased by 25%
23.01.2019 - 16:38

Changelog 23.01.2019
Asia's Income distribution changed.
Decreased Russia Siberia's Income and increased China NE and Russia Far East Income.
Also detected a little mistake in my first calc sheet. China North has 458 Income there, but it was always at 546 in the preset.

Old values are this time from the previous version of the preset.
01.06.2020 - 19:20

Changelog 02.06.2020
Asia's income distribution changed.
Increased income is indicated by green background and a decrease by red highlighting.
These changes were made to make NK stronger early game as Europe could rush India quite easily (Japan and South Korea income boost)
and to offer alternative starting countries in the fight (Taiwan and Burma).
Furthermore, hard to reach cities in Russia Far East were removed. In total Asia has now 32 income more however considering that Europe can quite easily stealth China and rush India this is should be an acceptable boost.

Europe got one of it's greek cities back in Crete and hence boosting it's income by a tiny bit.

Overall it's now 11334 income vs 11355 (Asia)
and 497 Reinforcements vs 502 (Asia).
I counted Kazakhstan as to belonging to Asia's side however this country has some cities which will most likely stay in Europe's control.
25.03.2021 - 00:33
Changelog 25.03.2021
Asia income changed
Increased income in China: Southeast by 25%
Decreased income in North Korea and Burma, thus increasing the starting funds if you decide to pick any of these countries. Burma is a more aggressive pick that can expand quite fast into near east, however this comes at the cost of lower income in the early stages. North Korea has fallen behind in popularity since Taiwan is much stronger and also expanding to India is delayed therefore I reduced the cost for this country.
With these changes Asia income in total was buffed to 11620.

There is now a scenario (enter my name under Maps->Scenario->Search bar and u can find it without having to type the name of the scenario) where you can check the total income of each side by picking one.
This helps to check the income of all countries without relying on a spreadsheet, where I forgot to enter a value and recorded one twice thus thinking that Europe only has 11334 income when in truth it had 11750. Also, Asia had more income too (Sri Lanka not added to spreadsheet)
Here is a screenshot of the scenario.

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